At the recital back-stage, it was incredible to see how well [the dancers] had connected – they all played together, had fun and just passed time together. It was so nice to see.

They all worked so hard as well and did such an amazing job!

That leads to a thank you to Dane (aka Tall-Up) who made it all happen – the skills the girls learned, the fun they had. Additionally, while we all know our girls and how great they are – I do think you also set a perfect tone in the class – for learning, but also for working together and getting along/connecting. Thank you so much for this!!

We’re excited to join in the fall and hope to see some of the other girls at York Dance there too!!


I wanted to send this email long time ago but I never got a chance. I thought this would be a great time for me to send you my gratitude and appreciation for everything York Dance Academy, yourself and everyone involved specially Mrs. Genevieve and Cathy have done over the past 6 months.

Our daughter has been dancing since she was 3 years old at York Dance Academy. When she started the competition, I wasn’t certain that she was capable and confident enough to pull this through. She was shy and very reserved with lack of confidence. After talking to you and Cathy, things changed and decided to proceed with leaving her in the team. You and your team has been more than dedicated to success of these children. Since she started competing, the lack of confidence has been disappeared. She is more confident, and not shy of talking about her feelings and what she wants. When she got the overall winner award last night, I was in tears. I knew and had faith in my child, but she didn’t. She has realized with hard work and practice anything is possible.

I wanted to personally come by and Thank you. I truly appreciate everyone’s help and advise. you have an amazing team and forever I am grateful for this experience.


This thank you, is for everyone at YDA that my daughter’s has ever come in contact with … cause the truth is every single teacher, receptionist and staff member have been absolutely amazing. What started for my oldest daughter as “Do you want to try Dance?” it has become her life … (that’s’ her words) … so much so that she chose to do her grade 4 Speech on Ballet. I cannot express the gratitude that I have for YDA and what it has done for my daughter … to have something that teaches her hard work, respect for others, fun and teaming with a little bit of competition thrown in. This experience will serve her well for what ever she decides to do in the future. At the very least she will have development discipline skills, confidence, healthy living and friendship. And not to be selfish but I too have developed friendships with parents and teachers and 100% feel YDA is my extended family. So just wanted to say THANK YOU.


AMAZING staff and hardworking teachers! So happy to dance here 🙂


I am writing to thank you for reconsidering my daughter as a member of your YDA Competitive Dance Team for the 2014-2015 season and allowing her to join your exceptional, professional organization.  It has been an exciting and truly rewarding adventure as a parent. Our daughter has not only thrived, she has excelled.  Her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and everyone from friends and family have noticed it. Her dance skills have improved enormously. She has achieved nothing less than straight A+ marks on her report card at school and I have never had a happier child!  She has become so much more disciplined and confident and we couldn’t be prouder of her. She no longer walks through life, she dances! Every spare moment she has, she is in our mock dance studio in the basement with the music going either stretching or dancing.  It is so wonderful. Alexandra adores everyone on your staff, respects them and looks to them as great mentors. I cannot thank you enough for giving her the platform to blossom this way.  You are doing great things for our community. Thank you very much!


Love all the teachers and staff, they are all amazing.


Great teachers and choreography for all ages. Thanks to Mrs Sam for another wonderful year.


All around such a warm and great place. Friendly staff, amazing teachers. My daughter has been a student now for 5 years is loving every minute of it.