Bryanna Persaud

Bryanna J. Persaud is a competitive choreographer and artistic creator who has studied in numerous disciplines of dance. She is a certified B.A.T.D instructor and has participated in many performances including the Harlem Globetrotters & Argonauts half time shows, ATLANTIS Gala, Treehouse ROLE PLAY with Fefe Dobson and other artists and Royal Fairmont Ambassador Gala’s to name a few.

Bryanna was a highly acclaimed performer, winning many overall awards during her years as a competitive dancer. She is a  talented choreographer and recently had the pleasure of choreographing for the Bowmanville Hospital Charity Gala and the EMERGE conference for the International Women’s Day event, Through Media to Justice in Toronto.

“When I began teaching and choreographing, I discovered a whole new world and love for this extraordinary art. I fell in love with change. I fell in love with connections, and I rediscovered my creativity. From the beginning as a student, until now as a teacher, my goal has always remained the same: to make a difference.”