Alessia Ourique

Alessia first started dancing with YDA at the age of six, and for the past several years has dedicated herself to improving her performance and teaching abilities across a wide variety of dancing styles. These include acrobatics, ballet (cecchetti), jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, musical theatre, pointe and lyrical. Alessia also attended Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts as a student of the Dance Department and graduated with a Certificate in Dance and Performance. During this time, she was driven to further improve her artistic and dancing abilities in a highly competitive and intensive environment.

Alessia’s qualifications include a Certificate of Certification from Acrobatic Arts, training in RAD ballet, Limón and Martha Graham and various dance examinations at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in addition to various professional opportunities outside of her competitive dance with YDA. These include Magic Shows with magician Dan Krastz, a Christmas Carol with Motus O Dance Theatre and two Nutcracker performances and various choreographed pieces with Cardinal Carter Academy of the Arts, to name a few.

Additionally, Alessia’s involvement within YDA over the years is quite extensive. She has performed in various competitions as a soloist and in group performances winning overall titles at many of these events. These competitions include Bedazzled, StarCatches, Northern Stars, Breaking Bounds etc. Alessia has also been fortunate enough to have travelled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as a part of a performance group with YDA. Along with these competitive performances, Alessia also has a Nutcracker performance with YDA and various other showcase performances with the organization under her belt.

Alessia’s passion for dance and teaching drives her to continuously work on her technique and skills to become the best dancer she can possibly be. She is thrilled to be able to teach and work with YDA and continue her journey that was started here when she was just 6 years old.