Tap (5+ yrs)

A form of dance characterized by percussive rhythm sounds created by the student’s shoes, as well as the floor. Students develop a greater understanding of rhythm, timing and musicality while learning basic footwork. These basic sounds will lead to more intricate combinations which then allow for more interesting rhythms.  The tap shoe is a leather full sole or split sole shoe with metal “taps” fastened to both the ball and heel of the foot by screws.

Students will experience versatility in tap styles:

  • The traditional Broadway style of tap focuses on more basic rhythms sounds and an expressive upper body. It is commonly found in Musical Theatre shows. 
  • The more contemporary “Rhythm” style of tap focuses on the musical side of tap. It consists of syncopated complex sounds. 

A class consists of warm up exercises for the ankle, foot and knees, centre practice, progressions across the floor, and combinations.